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■Weekly Access Ranking Top20(Artists)

1Eric Clapton1836
2Porter Wagoner1834
3The Beatles1771
4Dolly Parton1456
5Johnny Cash1195
6Neil Young1175
7The Rolling Stones1163
8Michael Jackson1133
9Barbra Streisand1009
11Ray Charles993
12George Harrison869
13Bon Jovi & Jon Bon Jovi841
14Sting & Police827
15Olivia Newton-John824
16Paul McCartney805
17The Incredible String Band791
18Taylor Swift703

■Weekly Access Ranking Top20(Songs)

1Evolution Rag / The Incredible String Band500
2Born To Be Free / X-Japan288
3Just the two of us / Bill Withers139
4Shake It Off / Taylor Swift113
5Alone / Heart103
6Englishman In New York / Sting & Police86
7Don't Look Back In Anger / Oasis83
8Hotel California / Eagles74
9Mate Ka Moris Ukun Rasik An / Propagandhi73
10Honesty / Billy Joel69
11Desperado / Eagles68
12Right Now / SR-7168
13Every Day I Love You / Boyzone67
14Every Breath You Take / Sting & Police67
15I Want Someone Badly / Jeff Buckley65
16Freak Now / OLD (O.L.D.)65
17What Is Life / George Harrison59
18AAXXX / Peach56
19Want Me, Want Me (Instrumental) / Namie Amuro54
20His World (Zebrahead) / Zebrahead54

■Total Access Ranking Top 20 ( Artists )

2Backstreet Boys580560
3Bon Jovi & Jon Bon Jovi492802
4Eric Clapton473710
5Green Day463920
6Lady Gaga395641
8Elvis Presley350871
10Britney Spears346404
12Maroon 5336587
15Sum 41313413
17Billy Joel304039
19Taylor Swift250531

■Total Access Ranking Top 20 ( Songs )

1Numb / Linkin Park111897
2Don't Look Back In Anger / Oasis107581
3Viva la Vida / Coldplay104077
4Girlfriend / Avril Lavigne77107
5I Want It That Way / Backstreet Boys74901
6Because Of You / Ne-Yo68766
7This Love / Maroon 563744
8Whatever / Oasis62568
9Wonderwall / Oasis58073
10I Don't Want To Miss A Thing / Aerosmith57924
11Complicated / Avril Lavigne57581
12Poker Face / Lady Gaga56800
13Faint / Linkin Park56487
14Dani California / Red Hot Chili Peppers53658
15I'm Yours / Jason Mraz53551
16Bad Day / Daniel Powter52086
17Bad Romance / Lady Gaga51330
18Breaking The Habit / Linkin Park50142
19When You're Gone / Avril Lavigne48891
20Wait For You / Elliott Yamin47688