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■Weekly Access Ranking Top20(Artists)

1Elvis Presley1326
3Frank Zappa1100
4Dolly Parton1090
5Frank Sinatra1082
6The Beatles999
8The Ramones913
9The Rolling Stones889
11Eric Clapton865
12Marty Robbins817
14Barbra Streisand801
15David Bowie679
16Bon Jovi & Jon Bon Jovi658
18Backstreet Boys637
20Marilyn Manson615

■Weekly Access Ranking Top20(Songs)

1Just the two of us / Bill Withers171
2Build Me Up Buttercup / Busted125
3Bad Love / Eric Clapton122
4Stray Cat Strut / Stray Cats121
5Chessking (Jus Allah) / Jedi Mind Tricks109
6The KKK Took My Baby Away / The Ramones106
7This Is The New Shit / Marilyn Manson104
8Thinking Out Loud / Ed Sheeran104
9Big Girls Don't Cry / Fergie99
10Whatever / Oasis96
11Ann / Kingston Trio92
12Bohemian Rhapsody / Queen90
13Sunny / Jamiroquai86
14Happy / Pharrell Williams80
15Thank You For The Music / Abba77
16Radar / Britney Spears77
17Heart Of Mine / Left Alone76
18No woman no cry / Bob Marley75
19Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall / Coldplay69
20Don't Stop Me Now / Queen66

■Total Access Ranking Top 20 ( Artists )

1Eric Clapton711707
2Elvis Presley699743
3Backstreet Boys689904
4Bon Jovi & Jon Bon Jovi619955
5Frank Sinatra509109
6The Rolling Stones462547
8Lady Gaga446997
11Britney Spears430052
12Billy Joel425533
15Dolly Parton407083
17Maroon 5379306
19Barbra Streisand370770
20Sum 41364883

■Total Access Ranking Top 20 ( Songs )

1Just the two of us / Bill Withers755
2Stray Cat Strut / Stray Cats626
3Build Me Up Buttercup / Busted557
4This Is The New Shit / Marilyn Manson505
5Heart Of Mine / Left Alone472
6Big Girls Don't Cry / Fergie452
7The KKK Took My Baby Away / The Ramones452
8Whatever / Oasis400
9Thank You For The Music / Abba399
10Thinking Out Loud / Ed Sheeran389
11Bohemian Rhapsody / Queen388
12Sunny / Jamiroquai351
13Santa Fe / Bon Jovi & Jon Bon Jovi349
14Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall / Coldplay327
15Chessking (Jus Allah) / Jedi Mind Tricks320
16To Be With You / Mr.Big314
17Happy / Pharrell Williams306
18Radar / Britney Spears304
19I'm Yours / Jason Mraz282
20You and I / Lady Gaga262