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■Weekly Access Ranking Top20(Artists)

1The Beatles909
2Elvis Presley733
4Eric Clapton590
6Peter, Paul & Mary467
7Linkin Park433
8Paul McCartney432
9Frank Sinatra420
10Avril Lavigne415
12Joan Baez403
13Red Hot Chili Peppers403
14The Cult392
16The Bee Gees374
17Bill Withers348
19The Band332
20Backstreet Boys327

■Weekly Access Ranking Top20(Songs)

1Just the two of us / Bill Withers246
2Englishman In New York / Sting & Police142
3The Weight / The Band120
4Don't Look Back In Anger / Oasis110
5Midnight Rendezvous / John Waite83
6Where Shadows Weep For Men / Azazel74
7The Rockafeller Skank / Fatboy Slim73
8Viva la Vida / Coldplay67
9Happy / Pharrell Williams65
10Girlfriend / Avril Lavigne61
11STAY / Jackson Browne60
12The Shepard's Fold / Aletheian59
13His World (Zebrahead) / Zebrahead56
14Whatever / Oasis55
15Numb / Linkin Park49
16Complicated / Avril Lavigne46
17I Need You Tonight / Backstreet Boys44
18Let it Be / The Beatles43
19I Want It That Way / Backstreet Boys42
20Because Of You / Ne-Yo41

■Total Access Ranking Top 20 ( Artists )

2Backstreet Boys554751
3Bon Jovi & Jon Bon Jovi463210
4Green Day442594
5Eric Clapton418019
6Lady Gaga378609
9Britney Spears327306
11Maroon 5317502
12Elvis Presley303406
13Mariah Carey299085
14Sum 41299046
16Paul McCartney292375
19Billy Joel269164
20Taylor Swift220342

■Total Access Ranking Top 20 ( Songs )

1Numb / Linkin Park108566
2Don't Look Back In Anger / Oasis101577
3Viva la Vida / Coldplay100662
4Girlfriend / Avril Lavigne74564
5I Want It That Way / Backstreet Boys71473
6Because Of You / Ne-Yo66672
7This Love / Maroon 561188
8Whatever / Oasis59131
9Complicated / Avril Lavigne55437
10Wonderwall / Oasis54983
11Poker Face / Lady Gaga54923
12Faint / Linkin Park54766
13I Don't Want To Miss A Thing / Aerosmith54593
14Dani California / Red Hot Chili Peppers51754
15I'm Yours / Jason Mraz51524
16Bad Romance / Lady Gaga49557
17Bad Day / Daniel Powter49307
18Breaking The Habit / Linkin Park48654
19When You're Gone / Avril Lavigne47098
20Wait For You / Elliott Yamin46189