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■Weekly Access Ranking Top20(Artists)

1Dolly Parton3596
2Frank Sinatra3587
3Hank Snow3342
4Marty Robbins3122
5The Beatles2849
6The Bee Gees2708
7Paul McCartney2210
8Eric Clapton2089
9The Rolling Stones2088
10Elvis Presley1938
12Neil Young1784
14Fleetwood Mac1671
15Barbra Streisand1510
16Nina Simone1205
20Olivia Newton-John1090

■Weekly Access Ranking Top20(Songs)

1Just the two of us / Bill Withers202
2Let it Be / The Beatles161
3I Don't Want To Miss A Thing / Aerosmith154
4Shake It Off / Taylor Swift146
5Englishman In New York / Sting & Police140
6His World (Zebrahead) / Zebrahead139
7Great Is The Lord / Starfield136
8Bad Day / Daniel Powter131
9Let It Grow / Eric Clapton131
10Desperado / Eagles130
11SMILE / Eric Clapton120
12I Will Wait For You / Andy Williams98
13Honey, Honey (Mamma Mia! The Movie) / Abba96
14Purple Rain / Prince95
15Alone / Heart88
16Don't Look Back In Anger / Oasis86
17Born To Be Free / X-Japan84
18Hotel California / Eagles80
19This Love / Maroon 580
20Hey Jude / The Beatles74

■Total Access Ranking Top 20 ( Artists )

2Backstreet Boys593249
3Eric Clapton520531
4Bon Jovi & Jon Bon Jovi504319
5Green Day472245
6Lady Gaga402097
7Elvis Presley382231
10Britney Spears354414
12Maroon 5342606
15Sum 41321429
17Billy Joel315101
19The Beatles273794
20The Rolling Stones265373

■Total Access Ranking Top 20 ( Songs )

1Numb / Linkin Park112693
2Don't Look Back In Anger / Oasis109490
3Viva la Vida / Coldplay105035
4Girlfriend / Avril Lavigne77874
5I Want It That Way / Backstreet Boys76047
6Because Of You / Ne-Yo69360
7This Love / Maroon 564517
8Whatever / Oasis63670
9I Don't Want To Miss A Thing / Aerosmith59141
10Wonderwall / Oasis58847
11Complicated / Avril Lavigne58373
12Poker Face / Lady Gaga57405
13Faint / Linkin Park57102
14Dani California / Red Hot Chili Peppers54371
15I'm Yours / Jason Mraz54192
16Bad Day / Daniel Powter53432
17Bad Romance / Lady Gaga52039
18Breaking The Habit / Linkin Park50758
19When You're Gone / Avril Lavigne49589
20Hotel California / Eagles49021