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■Weekly Access Ranking Top20(Artists)

1Elvis Presley1898
3Dolly Parton1125
4Frank Sinatra994
5The Beatles952
6The Rolling Stones823
7Barbra Streisand793
8Frank Zappa710
9Eric Clapton706
11Bon Jovi & Jon Bon Jovi642
16Billy Joel494
17Alice Cooper485
19Britney Spears398
20Red Hot Chili Peppers390

■Weekly Access Ranking Top20(Songs)

1Just the two of us / Bill Withers161
2Shikidim / Tarkan161
3Stray Cat Strut / Stray Cats126
4Whatever / Oasis120
5Lose Yourself / Eminem113
6A Song About A Girl Who Went Shopping / The Mr. T Experience105
7People All over the World / Peter Frampton98
8The KKK Took My Baby Away / The Ramones97
9Heart Of Mine / Left Alone93
10Thank You For The Music / Abba85
11Pagan Poetry / Bjork84
12Build Me Up Buttercup / Busted77
13Radar / Britney Spears74
14Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall / Coldplay72
15Cock And Love / Cliteater69
16If You Come Back / Blue68
17Sunny / Jamiroquai66
18Big Girls Don't Cry / Fergie65
19Thinking Out Loud / Ed Sheeran65
20Happy / Pharrell Williams63

■Total Access Ranking Top 20 ( Artists )

1Eric Clapton720592
2Elvis Presley714890
3Backstreet Boys694226
4Bon Jovi & Jon Bon Jovi626979
5Frank Sinatra522844
6The Rolling Stones472737
8Lady Gaga448373
11Britney Spears434851
12Billy Joel430074
13Dolly Parton420992
17Maroon 5380899
18Barbra Streisand380869
20Sum 41366980

■Total Access Ranking Top 20 ( Songs )

1Just the two of us / Bill Withers215
2Shikidim / Tarkan201
3Stray Cat Strut / Stray Cats155
4Whatever / Oasis144
5Lose Yourself / Eminem128
6Heart Of Mine / Left Alone125
7The KKK Took My Baby Away / The Ramones121
8Thank You For The Music / Abba115
9Radar / Britney Spears114
10A Song About A Girl Who Went Shopping / The Mr. T Experience106
11Build Me Up Buttercup / Busted102
12People All over the World / Peter Frampton101
13Pagan Poetry / Bjork100
14Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall / Coldplay90
15Thinking Out Loud / Ed Sheeran89
16If You Come Back / Blue85
17Happy / Pharrell Williams85
18To Be With You / Mr.Big81
19Sunny / Jamiroquai80
20Big Girls Don't Cry / Fergie79